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Edibles- How the future is now and edibles are better than ever.

After about a half an hour I start to feel a warm tingling sensation behind my eyes and in my forehead. It slowly creeps down into my stomach and reaches the tips of my fingers and toes. It almost feels as if I have electricity flowing through my veins and yet I am as relaxed as ever. My mood lifts and I feel a rush of energy and a surge of creativity. And now that the edible has hit, I am ready to concur the day.


As the Founder of a gourmet edibles company called Lucy Goosey Edibles and the daughter of an accomplished baker and chef I have always been drawn to the idea of foods infused with Cannabis, commonly known as edibles. However, until very recently, I enjoyed the instant gratification of lighting a joint or hitting a bong over eating an edible any day. I'm sure you're familiar with the infamous grassy tasting pot brownie with unknown potency and questionable origins. Those mysterious edibles were the only ones available and would usually lead to an overly intense and sometimes uncomfortable high. Luckily for us the recent advances in cannabis technology have changed the standards for edibles dramatically and eating your cannabis in precise doses is now a delicious and cost effective way to get high.


One of the most groundbreaking advances for the edibles industry is a fully activated form of THC oil called Distillate. In addition to being easy to use in the kitchen it is also flavorless and extremely potent. Distillate, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is the result of a process performed after extraction to further concentrate and purify the oil. The distillate can then be added to your food of choice by combining it with a fat soluble lipid such as butter, making an edible with an accurate and consistent potency. This level of accuracy enables you to dose yourself with a proper amount of THC. Compared to more traditional methods of infusion such as combining dry cannabis or wax with butter the distillate is easier to use, tastes much better and allows for consistent dosing.


The secret to the perfect edibles high is all in the dosing. The potency of an edible is indicated by the number of milligrams of THC that the item of food has been infused with. Every edible you purchase should have the number of milligrams clearly listed on the front of the package. Whenever I introduce someone to my line of edibles I always make sure to ask a few questions in order to give them an idea of how many milligrams they should start out with. For example, I often recommend a 5 Milligram Chocolate Covered Pretzel to folks trying cannabis for the first time. It takes about a half an hour for the THC to hit your body and after a 5 milligram microdose you may start to feel a slight sense of relaxation. However, since everybody processes edibles differently you could need more to really feel the effects. I recommend starting out with a small dose and waiting at least a half an hour before you eat more. It is important when medicating with a stronger edible such as our 100MG Caramel Candy Bar to note that the effects will be intense and can last up to 6 hours. Unless you are doing dabs everyday (a more concentrated method of smoking wax) then a bite or two of a 100 milligram edible should be enough.


I always encourage people to try out edibles to see if they work for your lifestyle. The discreet and delicious items that edibles companies are now able to create are make it easy to medicate on the go and the full body high can last all day. However, use caution when at the dispensary picking out your edibles. Always make sure that they are properly packaged and labeled with accurate milligrams. If you get the chance to check the ingredients remember that an edible made with distillate has no cannabis flavor and will deliver a consistent and potent high every time.



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